Soltech is a Belgian company whose shareholders are the energy group Electrabel GDF SUEZ, the brick and tile producer Wienerberger, and IMEC, an independent research centre for nanoelectronics and nanotechnology. Soltech is the pioneer in the field of photovoltaic energy. The company began producing standalone photovoltaic systems as far back as 21 years ago, and more than 15 years ago Soltech entered the history books with the production of the first grid-connected roof-integrated photovoltaic installation in Belgium.

Soltech supplies both grid-connected and standalone photovoltaic systems and can provide numerous references. For example, our standalone photovoltaic modules are a common sight on parking meters and on speed limit signs in 30-km zones in various parts of Europe and North America. But that's not all. You will also find our robust modules on maritime buoys or in telecommunications systems. And specifically for developing countries we make photovoltaic modules for water pumps, refrigerators and hospitals in developing countries. Perhaps you are looking for a grid-connected installation with added aesthetic appeal? If so, our modules integrated in clay roof tiles or our semi-transparent modules may be just what you are looking for. Our semi-transparent Sol Sky® module is a building component with excellent thermal, insulating and acoustic properties that generates green electricity.

Soltech designs custom photovoltaic modules for specific construction or industrial applications and supplies prototypes. If special shapes or sizes of solar cells or the solar panel are required, our engineers design prototypes that are made on specialised production lines. The testing of new materials for application in solar panels is also part of our expertise.


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