KaTron Defence AeroSpace and Simulation Technologies Inc.

Katron is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Turkey with its headquarters in Istanbul and offices in Ankara and Dubai, UAE. Katron is a joint venture company of infoTRON A.S. and of Kalekalip A.S., a wholly owned company of the Kale Group, where Katron took the intellectual property, technology and heritage of infoTRON’s Simulation Division.

The mission of Katron is to provide the leading edge simulation products and services, in the shortest time frame, using or creating the highest available technologies to fully satisfy its customers’ visualization, simulation and training needs helping them to reach excellent real world performances through virtual world practices. Katron’s methods are designed to lower the cost and complexity of creating and delivering robust solutions and to work together to realize the creative and commercial objectives. The target markets of Katron are defense, aerospace, aviation and automotive companies, as well as the military forces of the region.

Katron is unique in its field with its software development and systems integration capabilities in 3D object and terrain database modelling, visual and dynamics simulation, computer generated forces and HLA applications, and simulator design and manufacture. Katron offers solutions in a wide variety of simulation and training needs, ranging from unit training devices, part task trainers and tactical simulators to virtual maintenance trainers and turn-key visualization systems.

Katron can help work through the business solution that you need, whether brainstorming ideas, refining business models or advising on the most cost effective route to market. Katron is a one stop shop for all your needs but that's only half the formula for fully realizing your extraordinary potential. The other half of the formula is experienced management, fresh ideas, forward-thinking partnerships, the discipline to execute in an increasingly complex environment and above all a company that you can trust.

Understanding today’s competitive demands with respect to innovative, fast and cost-effective approaches, Katron provides solutions for real-time simulation and virtual reality development environments for commercial and military customers. Katron’s objectives consist of solution providing and systems integration in synthetic environment merging technologies: 3D modelling, visual simulation, dynamic simulation, computer generated forces and virtual prototyping. Using and developing advanced toolkits, Katron is capable of providing turn-key solutions for demanding applications like military training systems for air, land and sea applications, flight and marine simulations, mission rehearsals, tactical training simulators, driving simulators, architectural walkthroughs, HLA and virtual reality applications.

Katron uses a robust combination of tools for specialized real-time 3D modelling tasks for different purposes in the industry and the defense applications. Most demanded features such as global texture, dynamic resolution, distortion correction, texture paging, morphing terrain and geometry paging can be used for processing and displaying images.

Creating virtual battlefields with large number of live, virtual and constructive entities requires a scalable and balanced computer environment. The components of this environment include network communication for entity update, powerful computing for generated forces, image generation for stealth viewers and interactive players. The solutions offered by Katron include flexible development environments to support HLA requirements.

Katron with its talented engineers is adept at fully integrating a suite of Commercial Off-The Shelf (COTS) software development tools implementing the industry standards. Overall, Katron has the development, design and the systems integration capabilities to provide a total turn-key solution for any visualization, simulation and training need possible.


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