Valve Vanguard (formerly known as Kärkijoukkue Productions Ltd) is a multi channel design-technology studio, that pushes the boundaries of experience by bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Our goal is to solve business challenges through the mix of creative design thinking, innovative technology and interactive content. We activate any kind of physical spaces by creating remarkable design products and immersive multisense experiences and think that every space can be activated for the better user experience and for the better business opportunities.

We use the latest technologies, in the most appropriate ways, to create dialogue between people, space and information. Even if we use and develop latest technology, we understand that experience is all about personal connection between human and space ­ not hardware, technology or design materials either. For products, services, spaces or interfaces, we craft strategies and experiences that combine the physical and digital to enhance brand, engage audience and empower businesses most meaningful way. We have worked on all types of projects (branding, graphics & interior design, architecture, web, tv, mobile, touchscreens, kinect, etc.) at all scales and can help seamlessly integrate content, interactivity and multiple platforms with spatial environments. We want to build real things ­ active physical spaces, emphatic environments, digital technology and vivid experiences and cooperate with the partners of the consortium to make these things happen.
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