Semantum Oy

Semantum is a software company founded in 2007. Semantum offers its clients software solutions for modelling and simulation. Software development at Semantum is based on Simantics platform developed at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Semantum offices are located in Espoo, Finland.

The Open Operating System for Modelling and Simulation – Simantics is an open source software platform developed at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Simantics has been developed to accelerate the adoption of modelling, simulation, and other computational methods in industry and research. The possibilities offered by Simantics platform aim to enable new type of simulation business based on software components and services. The responsibility for continued development of the Simantics platform belongs to Simantics Association, which has Simantics users and developers as its members. Simantics Association administers the Simantics trademark and the software released under this trademark.
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ITEA 3 Call 5

Environment for model-based rigorous adaptive co-design and operation of CPS


ITEA 2 Call 6

Model Driven Physical Systems Operation