Acroem Co. Ltd

Acroem was established in June 2004 in Daegu, South Korea. Acroem originally started as SAMSUNG Electronic R&D partner in mobile solution. Our investment in research and development paid off in 2007 in embedded and mobile industry with success. From 2009 Acroem started Health-care solution development as new business area for general hospital in South Korea. Finally, Acroem is one of the leading company in Digital camera software solution and Electronic Health-care solution like EHR(Electronic Health-care Record) and telemedicine product solution.

Acroem_ business goal is developing integrated health-care solution for hospital & patient using advanced embedded and mobile technology.

Main Business Area:

- Image software development for digital camera

- Wireless system and software based on WCDMA and zigbee

- Health-care solution: interoperability solution for hospital EMR & HER

- USN(Ubiquitous Sensor Network) system for monitoring system using wireless and mobile

Small and Medium sized Enterprise
Alt Korea, Republic of



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My Mobile and Smart Health Care Assistant