Kaukomarkkinat focuses on three business sectors: the company provides products and services for safety and communications as well as boosting energy efficiency and improving profitability in the pulp and paper industry. Most of our products and related services comprise electronics and industrial machinery. We have a robust position in Asia. Kaukomarkkinat was the first Finnish company to open an office in China's way back in 1953, and also the first to start importing Japanese products.

Kaukomarkkinat's strategy is to deliver products and services that enhance processes and boost operational efficiency. For our customers, this means faster and more efficient production processes, cost savings, and solutions with a competitive edge. All of our business sectors seek to improve energy-efficiency.

Close, long-term partnerships with leading industry suppliers are a fundamental aspect of our strategy' for example, we have already been cooperating with Panasonic for 40 years.

Creation Crew is part of Kaukomarkkinat. One of our business areas is digital signage and special video solutions.

Our interest in this project is to cooperate to make empathic tools and products for our target markets.
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