W4 S.A.

W4 has 15 years of experience in developing and delivering business-driven solutions at the forefront of technological innovation. The company launched the world's first internet-based workflow applications back in 1996; a decade later, we expanded business workflow with business process management and analytics for a broader suite of productivity solutions. In 2008, W4 acquired Leonardi technology, integrating a proven, agile platform for Rapid Application Development. This powerful combination laid the foundation for BUSINESS FIRST – dynamic management of business data in composite applications that work the way business users want to work.

Our BPM and workflow heritage make BUSINESS FIRST all about improving, automating and therefore simplifying everyday business for users. Our MDE heritage makes BUSINESS FIRST easy to develop, integrate, deploy and maintain for IT staff and provides convenient communication tools to interact with the business. Our platform's flexibility makes it possible to develop applications once and deploy instantly on a variety of platforms, whether on-premise or SaaS. And our commitment to technology innovation continues, with 30% of revenues dedicated to R&D, double the industry average.

W4 is privately-held and headquartered in Paris, with 50 employees and 20+ partners throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America. W4 sells directly to enterprises as well as through qualified partners (both value-added resellers and systems integrators). 

More than 300 organizations of all sizes (including 50% of the France’s CAC 40) in industries ranging from airports and utilities to media and manufacturing have created thousands of applications using W4 solutions.



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