Intelligence Power

Intelligence Power is a SME based in France developing new information technologies solutions. The main mission of Intelligence Power is to provide integrated decision-making information systems for its customers. ODBIS is an open, scalable, and innovative infrastructure to build and deliver On-Demand Business Intelligence Services provided by Intelligence Power.

The ODBIS platform constitutes a future perspective to provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment model for business intelligence applications. It offers a unified and innovative multi-layered architecture to support different business intelligence needs, this includes:

(i) Core business intelligence services which cover essential data warehousing tasks as meta-data management, data integration, reporting and analysis; all built in an integrated manner using standard APIs.

(ii) Services for web content warehouse which mainly include crawling, semantic indexing, search and mining features.

(iii) Services for data warehousing projects management and models design based on a model-driven approach using the 2 Track Unified Process (2TUP) and the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) standards.

(iv) Services for a centralized administration which provide an enterprise-grade security based on spring security.



(Extracted from the FPP of PREDYKOT, approved by Moez Essaidi on 2013-02-07)

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