SevenCore Co., Ltd.

SevenCore is an embedded software solution company established in 2007. Founders of SevenCore are experienced veterans in embedded Linux, and its’ developers are fully experienced engineers in the area of mobile phone, portable game device, car navigation system, etc. Key solutions are as follows. (1) Real-time hypervisor for embedded virtualization - It develops micro-kernel based hypervisor for embedded system. It minimizes the performance degradation when multiple virtualized OS's are running on a single processor, and it provides real-time scheduler and dynamic resource monitor needed desperately in the industrial applications. (2) SW performace monitoring & analyzing tool – It allows developers better visibility into their software within embedded device, especially Android based Smartphone. (3) Dynamic SW upgrade solution – Its’ unique dynamic SW upgrade solution allows manufacturers to quickly and reliably deliver compact firmware patch to the devices already in the hands of consumers and to upgrade them safely without reboot. No-Reboot upgrade solution is necessary for the mission critical systems which cost too much when service interruption.
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Many-core programming and resource management for high-performance Embedded Systems