TestMidas Co., Ltd

TestMidas, sponsored by ETRI(20%) which is the largest ICT research institute in KOREA, was established in 2008. The most of members of TestMidas had been worked at ETRI for many years, thus having plenty of experiences on developing and testing software products in the variety area of technical domain.

Focussing on software quality improvement, TestMidas offers not only software test outsourcing services including development of testing tools but also consulting services about test process automation using tools. Test outsourcing service is based on international standard testing process such as TMMi and using of testing tools and knowledge database accumulated from testing experiences, thus results in effective and efficient testing.

Besides providing testing service, TestMidas also develops the software tools supporting the software quality testing and measuring. Actively, TestMidas is now participating in research projects named crackerjack that has been established as international project of korea-japan-china, In the project, TestMidas is developing a testing frameworks and tool for Linux conformance test automation.

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ITEA 2 Call 5

Many-core programming and resource management for high-performance Embedded Systems