Agence Wallone des Télécommunications

The Walloon Telecommunications Agency (AWT) is a public body of the Walloon Region (Belgium). It has the overall responsibility for the development of ICT, through 3 main missions: technology watch, consultancy and promotion.

AWT is the ICT observatory in Wallonia. It observes and determines the ways ICTs are used in Wallonia (companies, citizens, specific sectors like education, ICT sector, health, municipalities, etc.). It carries out annual statistical surveys (ICT barometer) and recommends actions to the Walloon Government. AWT has also partnerships with other European regions.

AWT has also a main role of ICT-watch and content provider, carried out in close cooperation with the main players and companies in the ICT sector in Wallonia, within Belgium and abroad (technologies, laws, business opportunities, etc.). For example, AWT wrote the “ICT Master Plan” for the Walloon Government and plays the role “one stop shopping” for any contact about ICT in Wallonia (Europe’s Digital Agenda, etc.).

AWT offers an online database of the ICT sector and players. This directory gathers ICT companies, e-commerce sites, Public Digital Spaces, coworking & smarwork centers, ICT schools, municipalities and more.

AWT organises several professional forums and events. Among others: the #mforum and #ipforum and events about e-commerce & ICT advanced uses by companies and administrations (Web, e-learning, Cloud, Open Data, etc.).



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