In 2001 BMW Car IT was founded as a subsidiary within the BMW Group. Our goal is to enable BMW to bring software solutions in the automobile to their full potential.

BMW Car IT is positioned to evaluate, adapt and integrate software-based solutions. We respond quickly and flexibly to technology trends and market requirements and cooperate closely with universities and software vendors.

Software is the enabler of functional innovation in the automobile, and software-based systems will increasingly support the functional integration in automobiles. Software-based functions and their composition will become mostly hardware-independent, which opens up a whole new range of possibilities for innovation. Along with this new type of innovation come new requirements for development, production, marketing and sales.

One of the most important prerequisites for innovation through software is a deterministic development process that is supported by new software solutions. Our research activities and collaboration with universities help us recognize software trends early.



(Extracted from, edited and approved by Christophe Ainhauser on 2013-01-31)

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