CogVis gmbh founded 2007 as spin-off of the Vienna University of Technology (, the company accomplishes research and development projects and represents the link between science and economy in the field of image processing. Clients are attended from feasibility studies, to the installation of prototypes to intelligent market-ready image processing software for live-video streams. The CogVis software systems allow the recognition of specific scenarios or events within a defined scene. The strategic focus is within 3 main areas: traffic, security and internet vision. The current product portfolio of CogVis gmbh comprises c-tag, a framework for automatically generating metadata for images and videos (e.g. copy detection in very large databases, skin detection in order to detect adult content, similarity search, etc.); security tools such as the CogVis GateKeeper which generates an alarm of a human passing thru a garage door and e.g. m-plate, a number plate recognition system using video streams including a novel statistical assessment function in order to maximize the recognition rate for all environmental conditions and with minimal computing resource consumption.
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