Singleton Labs UAB

Who we are?

We're the data visualization experts that major global brands have to come to rely on since 2001. Stationed in Kaunas, Lithuania.
Privately owned and funded.
Company currently has twelve employees.

 What we do?

We specialize in data analysis and visualization software. Our visualization and executive information systems (Dashboards) work in manufacturing, financial, medical and other industries. Our interactive visualization software MonarchCharts is used in over 100 completed projects and was sold to more than 600 licensed customers worldwide.

International Activities

3D Analyst
Automotive industry measurement planning and quality evaluation software.

Auto maker BMW AG uses 3D Analyst software in manufacturing plants worldwide to create measurement plans for car bodies and body parts and analyze measurement data. Shopfloor information dashboards were implemented using MonarchCharts visualization platform.

WebMMF  IT Infrastructure performance management dashboard.

Local Activities and Projects

AIPAS – Parking space management software.

SGW – Smart Building management software.

KROVA - Marine terminal management software.

Small and Medium sized Enterprise
Alt Lithuania



ITEA 2 Call 5

Advanced Test Automation for Complex and Highly-Configurable Software-intensive Systems