Vector Software Factory is a development company building components and advanced software solutions based on reusable components, provided under a model of software industrialization.

 We started in developing a 2001 year Production Centers Network Component-oriented software development and maintenance of complex components and solutions for businesses and organizations from different sectors.

We have a methodology that combines the presence of a consulting team "onsite" at the customer, remote production facilities closer to the customer "nearshore". This working model allows our customers have the necessary infrastructure for the development of their applications without having to create a special department for this, and provides an experienced team and specialized in new technologies.

We develop tools that enable quality management rules associated with languages as well as "parsers" code that check the adequacy of the code to established standards. Our customers have an environment that allows them to control and manage the quality standards for installation and automatic environment validation rules defined.

Vector SF takes about 9 years working on the use of analytical tools and standardization of code in real customers, and therefore meets an important experience to determine requirements for a problem and needs they generate. Vector SF uses methodology and processes recommended by Software Engineering Institute - Carnegie Mellon, now at the level of CMMI maturity level 3. Our company has deployed large projects in the banking environment, insurance, media and public sector only from the factories of the company, through our unique methodology of work.

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