Institut d'Electronique Fondamentale

Institut for Electronic Fundamentals (IEF) is a joint research unit between CNRS and University Paris Sud. The staff is composed of about 33 researchers, 52 professors and assistant-professors, 52 engineers, technicians and administratives, 70 PhD students, 20 non-permanent researchers including post-doctorate researchers, invited researchers, contractual staff, etc. IEF receives about 80 training students per year.

The research carried out at IEF focuses on silicon-based nano-electronics, nanomagnetism and spin electronics, microsystems including their fabrication and characterization, and autonomous systems and network systems. These research activities are carried out within the framework of eight research teams.

IEF is partner or coordinator in many regional projects (DIGITEO, SYSTEM@TIC,…) national projects (ANR, BTR, …) and many international projects (european contracts: NoE, IP, STREP, EURYI, etc.).

The AXIS Team (Archtecture, Control, Communication, Vision, Systems) has an international renowned in Computer Architecture (design of original artificial retina and parallel machine) and in Vision and Image Processing.

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