City of Paterna

Paterna is placed at 5Km to the north west from Valencia. It is the 3rd city of Valencia Province in population. The population (Dec 2008) was 65.000 inhabitants (85.000 in peak periods, i.e. summer). The land area of Paterna is 44 Km2.

It has an important economic activity with 5 industrial areas (2000 companies), including “Technology Park” of Valencia Province.

Paterna currently has two main areas where some e-services are implemented:

  • 24h virtual office
    o Virtual Registry for citizens and enterprise services.
    o Private profile for each citizen with multiple options of management. o Notifications and alerts.
    o Online payments.
    o Nearly all possible management needs can be done with digital certificate.
  • City Cards
    o Allow accessing multiple services with just citizen cards.
    o Multiple accesses to services from different council locations.
    o Online reservation of different facilities.
    o Online registration in activities.
    o Health services to support elderly people.
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