Thomson Grass Valley

Thomson Grass Valley France – Created in January 2001, Grass Valley is a set of product lines of Grass Valley controlled and operated by Thomson. Research, Development and manufacturing centers are based in Rennes.

These product lines study, develop, and manufacture leading equipment for the compression, the transport and the processing of digital audio-video signals throughout the entire distribution chain; from DSNG, through contribution networks, to digital broadcasting over cable, terrestrial, satellite, and also over DSL networks up to the end-users.

Grass Valley’s product portfolio includes the most widely deployed network head-end, ATSC or DVB standard-based solutions.

For contribution applications Grass Valley provide the state of the art solution to transport digitally video signals from a number of sources to destinations over ATM and are now at the edge of the deployment of IP based solutions. This includes network management systems to provide full control and supervision of all network elements.

Grass Valley provide system expertise and end-to-end integrated turnkey solutions for broadcasting and network applications dedicated to Broadcasters, Telecom operators, Multi Service Operators, and Pay TV Operators.

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