Telenity is an industry-leading provider of cutting edge solutions for communications service providers (CSPs) around the globe. As an established and reliable technology player in the telco ecosystem, Telenity helps the clients harness the power of their network and generate new streams of revenue.

Telenity operates four centers of excellence in the USA, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East. Incorporated in 2000, Telenity is headquartered in Connecticut, USA with a development center in EMEA.

Telenity's products and solutions empower more than 40 CSPs in over 30 countries. Under its CanvasĀ® brand, Telenity provides a suite of market-ready products, including Service Consolidation, Digital Service Enrichment, Service Enablement Suite, API Management, and Location Based Services. Service Consolidation Platform helps operators improve the operational efficiency of their legacy services and paves the way for migration to all-IP core networks, resulting in significant operational cost reductions. Service Consolidation Platform has been honored as one of the best innovative solutions in Global Telecom Awards in 2017. Digital Service Enrichment solutions deliver advanced capabilities and flexibility to create revenue sources for operators by introducing a whole new business approach, where the customers and businesses engage through multiple touch points and devices for a frictionless omni-channel journey. API Management solution creates new revenue streams for operators through third party developers that utilize the operator's network capabilities, which in turn facilitate higher levels of interaction and engagement with subscribers. Service Enablement Suite provides a platform for rapid creation, execution and management of a multitude of composite services. Last but not least, Location Based Services encompass the whole spectrum of modern geolocation capabilities, including geolocation with active query mechanism as well as passive geolocation that harvests the entire subscriber base location data. Together with the service's enriched analytics capabilities, they provide a rich set of location based applications, enabling CSPs generate location based revenue.

As a global provider of state-of-the-art services and solutions, Telenity has initiated a 5G readiness program for its entire product and solution portfolio. On the road to 5G, Telenity focuses on edge computing elements such as ETSI MEC, network function virtualization (NFV), location analytics, and transformation of all our services including legacy messaging to Universal Profile 2.0 based Rich Communications Suite (RCS). In accordance with this program, Telenity takes active participation in industry standards associations to ensure that its clients are equipped with products and services that fully comply with the global standards of the mobile industry.

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