City of Saint-Lô

In the Cotentin Peninsula, the département of the Manche is battered by winds and waves, often rewarded with sunny intervals breaking through!

This was the soil where the Celtic founding fathers set up Briovère, today the town of Saint-Lô perched on its rocky outcrop. With over 20,000 inhabitants, the 2nd town of the département after Cherbourg features a full range of local shops and a rich assortment of small- and medium-sized businesses, suited to the needs of the neighbouring rural communities

During the period of reconstruction the town planners set out to ensure that both commercial premises and housing were well spread out: wide roads to accommodate traffic flows, while the brown schist stone ramparts of the antique ‘castrum’ of Saint-Lô were revealed in all their glory: the houses that had encrusted the foot of the walls were cleared away. Many public open spaces have transformed the town into a quiet ‘garden city’.

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