BAUM Engineering srl

BAUM Engineering was founded in 1999 as a partner company of Baum Retec AG.

The scope of our activity is the development and implementation of hardware and software products for the blind and visually impaired. Through our products, we offer those people facility to have access to the computer technology. The most representative of our product is the portable computer Pronto!.

Another category of our products is designed for the visually impaired. Among these products, a highly successful product is the image magnificator VISIO.

Besides the vast range of electronic devices, we also produce software, such as the screen reader in Romanian, Virgo. Also, we are developing the program Cobra, to be probably the best screen reader on the world market.

Also, here was created for the first time in our country WebVOX. This is an application server designed to make web pages accessible. The synthetic voice used is called Ancutza, which is the first synthetic Romanian professional voice, SAPI5 compatible.

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