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Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd. (Duodecim) is a Finnish company owned by the 126-year-old scientific society of Finnish physicians. Duodecim is the largest medical publisher in Scandinavia and has 40 employees and more than 2500 expert authors producing and updating the medical contents. The company  has been working for years to produce evidence-based guidelines (EBM Guidelines, http://ebmg.wiley.com).  Cochrane reviews have always had a prominent place in EBMG, and a part of their aim has always been to provide health care professionals an easy front-end to Cochrane evidence.  EBMG is now published by Wiley-Blackwell. EBMG uses the “Cochrane Inside” logo and licences the full text of the selected Cochrane reviews, paying a royalty to The Cochrane Collaboration for their use. The company publishes national health portal services for both the medical professionals and general public and has more than 150 print publications in the Finnish language in its sales repertoire.

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