CIMNE is a research organization in Barcelona, Spain. CIMNE was created in 1987 as a Consortium between the Catalan regional government and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, with the support of UNESCO. CIMNE employs some ninety scientists from different European countries working in the development and application of numerical methods (basically the finite element method) to a wide class of problems in engineering and applied sciences. The research activities of CIMNE cover non linear analysis and safety studies of structures, shape optimization in structural and fluid dynamic problems, computational fluid dynamics studies for both external and internal flow problems and computational bio-medical engineering applications and numerical simulation of material deformation and manufacturing processes for the food industry and the metal forming sector.

In the last fourteen years CIMNE has taken part in over 400 RTD projects with over 190 companies and organizations. Some 70 of these projects have received EC support through different FP3-FP6 programs. The outcome of the research is recorded in over 800 scientific publications, technical reports and educational software codes published by CIMNE. CIMNE also publishes books and monographs on subjects related to computational mechanics. CIMNE has also successfully organized some 200 courses and seminars and 29 international conferences.

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