CIC Tour Gune

The Centre for Tourism Research, CICtourGUNE, is the scientific and technological infrastructure dedicated to the creation and transfer of knowledge excellence in the area of tourism and mobility. CICtourGUNE is defined as an innovation hub for Basque tourism. Today these centres, known as innovative ´hubs´ or environments (ihubs), serve as points of strategic alliance between companies and stakeholders of the Basque Innovation System, including research centres, universities, business associations, financial groups (venture capital) and innovation agencies, among others.

The CICtourGUNE scientific programme runs in three mayor fields of knowledge: Tourism Systems and Media, Human Mobility and Technology and Tourism & Environments. In this way, CICtourGUNE has experience in several areas: Tourism Management Systems; Tourism data modeling ; Context-Awareness; semantic technologies, studying standards to integrate and harmonize tourism content; personalized integration (vertical mash-up) of tourism services in the destinations (transport, accommodation, restaurants, general services, leisure offer – museums, centers, etc.); Design and management of customer experiences; Ecoinnovation; Comfort & Wellness; Mobility and sustainable tourism flows.

CICtourGUNE is a member of the COMPERA network, corporate member of IFITT and member of the IFITT Auditing Committee, member of the TTRA Scientific Committee, member of NECSTouR, advisory member of EUREKA Tourism and Affiliate Member of the WTO.


(Submitted and approved by Ibon Aranburu Amiano on 2013-02-19)

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