City of Valencia

Valencia is a Spanish city in the Mediterranean coast with a population of approximately 798,000 in the city and 1,740,000 in its metropolitan area. The city of Valencia will be represented in SUS by the “Transport authority of the Metropolitan Region of Valencia,” eTM. The public transports under its responsibility are the following: Urban and Metropolitan Buses, Trams, Metro and Taxi. The partners of this entity are the Generalitat (Valencia Local Government) and the municipality of Valencia (Valencia city Government).

The eTM is responsible of providing the best possible Integrated Transport System to the citizens of the Region. Within these activities it is involved in different projects to increase the quality of the services provided to the Citizens.

  • A>PUNT: Implementation of a Contactless card System with the following features:
    o Based on a open model for services and systems. Any provider can be accepted if is able to follow the open homologation process.
    o MultiContract, MultiService, Multilanguage, Multimodal etc.
    o Selected from the EITO InfoMobility Project as Best Case List (Only five experiences selected) in 2005
    o It has been accepted as the Transport Contactless card MÓBILIS CARD for the complete Valencia Community which includes all transports systems of the provinces of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón.
  • METRO-SAE: Fleet Management System for the metropolitan buses.
  • SITe.Transport Information System Project, to inform the citizens over the different public transports available, including a Trip Calculation System. This project will be worldly available through a project with the Robotic Institute of the Valencia University to make this information available through GOOGLE TRANSIT.
  • PRECITRANS: Proposal of European Project that will include a Lab in vehicle to test different innovative ticketing solutions.
  • PSTP: Public Transport Control over Traffic Lights on the natural park of “La Albufera” for control of the environment and private traffic.
  • GENERALITA EN RED: Project to include all new services over The Net, to the citizen and transport operators.
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