The company DESARROLLO DE APLICACIONES PARA LAS COMUNICACIONES, CONTAROL Y TECNOLOGIAS DE LA INFORMACION (DRACO-TIC), S.L, was founded at the end of 2004 as a spin-off of the University of Murcia, and since then it has continuously grown in personnel and projects. Currently there are 7 staff members with an average increase of 2 people per year. Most of DRACOTIC staff members are currently involved in PhD programmes,  to keep a close contact with the academic world. In addition, this allows them to quickly incorporate recent technologies within their products. Working in close cooperation with the University of Murcia, DRACOTIC has concentrated on highly innovative R&D in the area of mobile and security services, multimedia and home platform services. Besides consultancy services, DRACOTIC has developed applications mobile devices, for remote control via mobile and GPRS of sensors, and home automation devices. DRACOTIC also develops its own CSP (Cryptographic Service Provider) for Windows/CE to support smart cards and secure communications, and related this product for services in the in-home environment. DRACOTIC has well-known customers mainly in goverment (Murcia Region Goverment), finance (Murcia Banking Companies and the Spanish confederation of Banking Companies) and telcos (Telefónica Mobile). DRACOTIC has participated in several R&D projects mainly funded by regional and national R&D programmes.

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