Ingema is a non-profit organisation dedicated to generating knowledge in the field of the elderly and the disabled. Ingema originated from the MATIA Foundation, a private non-profit-making entity that has been rendering socio-health services to the elderly and the disabled since 1888. INGEMA is part of the Basque Science and Technology Network, as a Health Research Unit.

The Ingema Foundation, in conjunction with the Matia Foundation, is currently involved in the Ageing Innovation Cluster, which was promoted by both foundations in 2009 and aims to become the most qualified European point of reference in the field of ageing. This far-reaching project covers problems related to ageing in multiple areas and from various perspectives. Its main goal is to increase the well-being of the elderly, whilst striving to ensure that these individuals feel personally fulfilled. In order to achieve this, the Ageing Innovation Cluster comprises four units, including INGEMA.



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Ambient Intelligence for the Elderly