Communology GmbH

Communology operates worldwide as a specialist in rich-media mobile communication solutions and quality testing of standard software components in mobile devices. Founded in 2001 and EN ISO 9001:2000-certified since 2003, the company is a pioneer for advanced mobile applications.

Communology offers an individually customizable platform designed to simplify and support the creation of sophisticated applications. The mobile clients with its innovative features benefit from our excellent test and development skills. The Communology LiveMedia platform is a white-label-solution which enables to run mobile marketing campaigns, mobile live services or mobile community software direct on the phone. The application is suitable for any content and every relevant handset in the market.

The company’s portfolio also includes test environments and quality assurance services of the operating software in mobile phones for the mobile communications industry. Since 2002 Communology has become established as an independent partner for software on terminals by using its test tool - the Mobile Test Edition (mte). mte tests the quality and performance of the latest, extremely complex technologies of mobile devices from the consumer’s point of view.

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