EOLANE is a French South Paris-based SME and its expertise is applied to the measurement, acquisition, transmission and monitoring of all types of data in severe environments. The complete control of the processing and supervision chain forms the common technological background requisite to the product design and the integration of systems for the Defence, Aerospace, Naval, Environmental, Industrial and Transportation sectors.

The EOLANE Group proposes in the real time systems domain turnkey solutions for on-board reliable applications exposed to severe environments and offers solutions for each stage of customer's project from early design up to systems deployment, maintenance and In-Life-Support. In the railways area, EOLANE has introduced high rate digital radio devices as solution to allow the running of longer and heavier freight trains by using the distributed power. Also in the railways area, Passenger information system – deployed in Ile de France – processes sensors data to provide displayed and sound messages.

In the on-board video-surveillance in public transportation environment, EOLANE offers its SCENE range of state-of-the-art fully digital recording systems which includes the following three key functions: video surveillance, rear viewing and door surveillance. Having already installed 15 000 cameras in over 4000 vehicles, the EOLANE Group has been selected to supply security video systems by vehicle manufacturers such as Lohr Industrie, Irisbus Heuliez Bus, Van Hool and Scania.

During summer 2009, EOLANE has joined the Eolane group (www.eolane.com), bringing its capabilities in R&D and in management of large projects. Eolane is the banner joined by the SME controlled by the S.A.S. Financière de l'Ombrée company to make their ways of working and to match their strategies. Eolane provides its customers with a complete solution, from the definition of the specifications up to the delivery to the final user. Installation, training and support may also be provided.



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Global Energy Optimisation for Distributed heterogeneous Embedded Systems

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