Our aim is to support our clients' processes with technologically advanced solutions, offering integrated systems, specialised products and services, which last the whole life cycle of a de un project:
From consultancy and engineering services to software and hardware development, integration of turnkey solutions and operation support.

Our competitive strategy, is based on a good knowledge of our clients' needs, and the aim of our strategy is to offer tailor-made solutions.

Behind our strategy lies a sound knowledge of technology and a group of highly competent professionals. Our staff, our way of operating and the values of our corporate culture all revolve round our clients and are dedicated for them to receive exactly what they need.

At gtd we always offer more than just solutions for our clients' requirements; we study their needs and clients trust our ability to take on the challenges that the market in which we work presents.

For over ten years the centre of gtd's R&D&I has been KNOWLEDGE: reception, formalisation and application of knowledge. At gtd we build new functionalities through multiple projects and initiatives, private and public, national and international: Knowledge Enabled Services (KES):

        - Awareness;         

        - Diagnosis;          

        - Prediction;          

        - Decision support;          

        - Autonomous decision; and          

        - Knowledge Audit.

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