LMS International

LMS, the leading partner in test and mechatronic simulation in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries, helps customers get better products to market faster. With a unique combination of mechatronic simulation software, testing systems and engineering services, LMS tunes into mission critical engineering attributes, ranging from system dynamics, structural integrity and sound quality to durability, safety and power consumption. 

With multi-domain and mechatronic simulation solutions, LMS addresses the complex engineering challenges associated with intelligent system design and model-based systems engineering. Thanks to our technology and over 1250 dedicated people, LMS has become the partner of choice of more than 5,000 manufacturing companies worldwide. LMS operates in over 30 key locations around the world. 

Based in Leuven, Belgium, LMS International has 30 years of solid engineering experience with an unrivaled track record in developing and marketing technology breakthroughs that address very real customer challenges. From its roots as a high-tech spin-off from the University of Leuven in Belgium, LMS has grown to become a worldwide leader in engineering innovation with mechatronic simulation software, testing systems and engineering services.
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From System Modeling to S/W running on the Vehicle



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Systems modelling and simulation