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SES ASTRA operates the ASTRA Satellite System and delivers a comprehensive portfolio of effective and efficient broadcast and broadband solutions throughout Europe. ASTRA serves an audience across the European continent of more than 91 million homes including a unique audience reach in major markets, such as Germany, France and the UK. ASTRA’s headquarters are located in Betzdorf, Luxembourg, where many central functions, including our around the clock technical support, are based. SES ASTRA also operates dedicated ASTRA Marketing affiliate companies in several European countries with specialist units who have expert understanding of their respective markets. In-depth local knowledge enables these marketing teams to respond to the individual needs of our customers and to work closely with them. Along with SES AMERICOM in the USA, SES ASTRA is a whollyowned subsidiary of SES GLOBAL, a parent company that also has substantial holdings in a number of key partner satellite systems around the world. Each of the SES GLOBAL companies
and their partners is an established market leader in its respective region. Shaping the future of satellite communications. ASTRA paves the way for its customers in the technical development of
enhanced satellite communications solutions to meet the needs of all audiences. Our technical expertise and in-depth understanding of the satellite communications industry and customer needs enables us to provide a comprehensive range of new quality products designed to guarantee the success of our customers today and in the years ahead. The quad LNB and more recently the satellite return channel for set-top-boxes (SATMODE) are examples of where ASTRA’s innovative power brings the industry and customers forward. Having a reputation for pioneering technology, ASTRA shapes the future of the industry by keeping in touch constantly with regulatory bodies and hardware manufacturers to ensure present and future compliance with high quality standards. Additionally, our Satellite Monitors market intelligence is recognized as a benchmark and industry reference, providing yearly updates of the evolution of satellite reception in Europe.
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