• Founded in 1994, InfoGlobal is a Spanish technological group, leader of advanced telecommunications, control, video surveillance and security systems for complex infrastructures (either industrial or for citizens).

• We have a qualified team of 250 people who work under rigorous standards and protocols according with different certifications, approvals and sector requirements.

• We have the capacity for research, innovation and production to develop technology solutions that integrate the needs of customers.

• We incorporate to our portfolio, systems and solutions from those companies who are leaders in their markets, to complement, diversify and strengthen the value proposal of InfoGlobal.

• We manage third-party technologies and develop, for our markets, strategic alliances with leader companies that wish to position themselves in areas of influence where InfoGlobal is present around the world.

• In 2005 we began the internationalization process focussing on emerging Latin American countries, where today we work with major public institutions and private clients.
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Large scale distributed INDexation of multimedia Objects