The Audi Electronics Venture GmbH (AEV)was founded due to the rising importance of electronic issues in automotive development. Though these are dictating new innovative technologies and becoming – together with software – key factors in terms of functionality and competition, stratetic know-how ist he key resource in terms of competitive edge. Additionally, knowledge about key technologies is in the hand of small high-tech companies, mostly. Audi Electronics Venture GmbH aims to harmonise the special characteristics and high demands of the automotive industry with the opportunities offered by the electronics industry. As          

  • a know-how partner in the fields of electronic architectures, sensors and software,
  • a transfer point for innovations in technology, strategy and processes,
  • a cooperation platform in all phases of the cooperation process

the AEV is the link between the two worlds of the automobile and electronics. Audi Electronics Venture GmbH

  • identifies trends
  • makes key technologies accessible   and
  • bundles technologies through to production maturity

in a flexible way.

Large Industry
Alt Germany



ITEA 3 Call 6

Unleash Potentials in Simulation


ITEA 3 Call 3

A new Interface Standard for Integrated Virtual Material Modelling in Manufacturing Industry



ITEA 2 Call 1

Timing Model


ITEA Call 3

Embedded Electronic Architecture