Open License Society

Open License Society was originally set up in 2004 as a research company, focusing on coherent and systematic systems engineering methodologies. As a result a unique methodology was developed under the generic name of “Systems2Trust”. Keywords in this methodology are:

  • unified semantics
  • meta-modeling
  • interacting entities
  • evolutionary and iterative.

While the methodology can be applied on the basis of written documents and teamwork, it was felt that for productivity reasons tools and a supporting environment were needed. This resulted in the development of OpenSpecs as a generic web based environment for Requirements and Specifications capturing. OpenSpecs also supports tracebility, normal case, fault case and test case definitions and the inital mapping of specifications to architectural elements (“entities” and “interactions”). Initial use however has indicated that practical use and acceptability in industry requires more adherence to required standards (like IEC 61508) and to the processes and terminology used in their specific domain.  While the approach of Open License Society is generic and can be applied to technical as well as non-technical domains, its focus is on networked embedded systems.

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