Maxisat Oy is a Finnish based company involved in delivering TV-services to both households and business customers. Maxisat´s expertise extends from satellite TV services and pay-TV operations to systems integration for TV services in broadband networks. The IPTV business area is being invested in and is representing the majority of R&D investments taking place in the company. This area is expected to be one of the company’s key operations in the future. Currently Maxisat is involved in IPTV service delivery to residential customers. Also, Maxisat´s focus is to provide systems integration for the telcos and allow them to outsource IPTV build up. The service is tailored for the operator depending on their needs and visions. Besides the entertainment aspect, a focus has been put also to investigate ways for providing VoD and other video based solutions for companies and for the public sector. Purpose is to achieve a better understanding among the customers of what the current and future technologies can offer.

Maxisat is 54 % privately owned and 46 % by HTV (Helsinki Television), a largest Finnish cable TV operator. Maxisat has 50 employees and a turnover of 6 M€.

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