IntuiLab’s core business is the ideation, evaluation, design, prototyping and development of intuitive and innovative Human-Computer Interactions and Interfaces (HCI) which provide their users with a more efficient, secure, accessible and enjoyable experience.

IntuiLab is currently a 24-employee SME, founded in 2002 (

Recently (end of 2007), IntuiLab has released IntuiFace (, a Collaborative Surface Computing platform. IntuiFace is a hardware and software solution for designing and deploying Collaborative Surface Computing-based applications. The IntuiFace solution includes:

  • A large multitouch screen through which one or more users can interact simultaneously with their fingers, integrated into a variable-sized and custom-design furniture along with strong processing power, and many communication capabilities.
  • A software middleware – the Multitouch Gesture Recognition Engine - that translates the multiple and simultaneous users’ touches into interaction gestures meaningful to the application. The MGRE also has the ability to connect with any existing application (such as GoogleEarth) by emulating the mouse and the keyboard.
  • Custom-made and pre-packaged applications, that are truly multitouch, highly interactive and communicating, developed by IntuiLab using the Adobe’s AIR or Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation frameworks.

Such Collaborative Surface Computing-based applications are ideal for many professional fields such as defence and homeland security, traffic management, healthcare, publishing, or consumer-focused domains such as customer relationship, showrooms, hospitality, education, culture, sport, travel or home.

IntuiFace has already been sold to 10 customers in France, Europe and USA, making IntuiLab one of the largest Surface Computing players worldwide.



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