Mextal was founded in 1937. It evolved to one of the leading Dutch companies in design and development of ICT based monitoring and communication systems for the institutionalised healthcare. Mextal has some 20 years of experience on this terrain, at first as main supplier for Philips and later on as independent distributor/integrator of the brand MXVieDome. The company designs both hard- and software, manufactures electronic products, installs, maintains and services network based systems. Strength of the system is that from the institutionalised groups of clients to the individual client can be assisted in care and cure. To improve quality of live and the way care and cure can be provided, ultimately without borders or limitation in distance at reduced cost and more efficient use of staff. To be able to maintain at least the same level of quality at affordable cost with the predicted decrease of the future workforce and a strong increase in care customers in mind. Mextals philosophy is that any system must be fully tuneable to the request or need of the customer, varying from a simple audio POTS solution to full duplex video communication via (A)DSL, whether or not expandable with a number of comfort, security or telemedicine enhancements.

In cooperation with Dutch care providers (Zuidzorg), Mextal is involved in many field trials to support and facilitate test systems and to provide expertise in video communication via (A)DSL (together with Simac) and to assist in the choice of infrastructure and connectivity.
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Ambient Intelligence for the Elderly