Soneco develops and markets reliable, easy-to-use wireless devices (Soneco Care Communication Devices) which enable a fast and easy communication and request for help. These devices have been designed to allow people to move about freely yet enhance their safety thanks to the easy reach, quick alarm.

The company excels in combining standard technologies, such as GSM, and making devices that are very easy to use, small and light. The products fit existing GSM infrastructures and can be put into use immediately.

The devices have an easy-to-use user interface enabling those people with poor vision and even young children to use the device. Soneco has designed these products to allow elderly people and persons with long-term illnesses to move about more freely. Alone workers can use the devices to ask for help fast and unnoticeably when needed. These products are already in commercial use and are increasingly popular in e.g. employees in high-risk occupations, security companies and nursing homes.

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Ambient Intelligence for the Elderly