Imstar designs and markets turnkey or on-demand imaging instruments for Life sciences and develops specific software. The company is founded by Dr. Françoise Soussaline, former Head of the Instrumentation and Informatics Group of the French Atomic Energy, Biology Division. The company started by developing customized imaging solutions for major French research labs, including cytopathology and clinical departments as well as pharmaceuticals industries. From mid 90’s, it developed a range of products for quantitative microscopy imaging of fixed/cultured cells and tissue samples for advanced functional genomics, genetic toxicology, pathology and human cytogenetics tests. In 1997, it introduced the first generation of fully automated image cytometers, of which Pathfinder™ is the premier product.

Today it supplies turnkey, application–dedicated Pathfinder systems to research and diagnostic laboratories worldwide. About 500 installations of various Pathfinder automated imaging system configurations are installed in Universities, public and commercial research institutions, including across Europe, Japan, China, Korea, USA and South America. The Pathfinder architecture was designed to fit into a variety of network infrastructures at customer sites and to accommodate a variety of hardware devices. The company has its head office, sales department and a system development facility in Paris. It has a R&D staff of 8 people multi–skilled in biology, medicine, physics, automation and computer science.

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