The multidisciplinary team at Morgan’Conseil, composed of engineers, lawyers, economists & training specialists, proposes its global expertise to accompany partners in their technological innovation, from the definition of a project up to the concrete and operational implementation.

Morgan’Conseil employs its unique knowledge and technological know-how to assist project leaders in the management of each phase of the technological innovative process, and to advise their customers with exactitude and precision on the technological innovative process at local, national and European scale.

Morgan’Conseil is focused on 4 key areas:

  • Training
  • Legal, financial and marketing consultancy
  • RTD
  • Business Intelligence

Relevant experience in previous European projects includes Force8, a Eureka! Project (in partnership with C2 Innovativ’Systems) and Healthware, 6ºFP an integrated project led by Alcatel Alénia Space (Satellite telemedicine services integration, users’ communities management, legal and ethical issues, business modelling, dissemination and communication).



(Extracted from the FPP of MIDAS)

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ITEA 2 Call 2

Multimodal Interfaces for Disabled and Ageing Society