Incode Oy

Incode is a software house focusing on mobile and wireless software solutions. Besides and within Incode’s comprehensive Symbian knowledge, user interface design in small handheld devices and usability within physically restricted users are Incode’s widely recognized strengths.

Incode’s medical mobile/wireless systems are focusing on assisting disabled persons in their daily living. Electric devices in the user's close surroundings, such as cd players, doors, windows and lights, some to mention, are controlled with the Incode’s environmental control system. Adaptation of the state-of-the-art wireless technologies and our contribution to tomorrow’s technologies provide us with the competitive advantage.

Incode’s medical systems were originally designed to facilitate lives of disabled children. Today, Incode is closely co-operating with global door automation, locking, elevator and mobile phone manufacturers in order to utilise the Incode technology wider in daily usage.

Incode’s mobile and wireless systems have been awarded e.g. 2001 the Nokia Wireless Innovation, 2004 TeliaSonera Finland’s the most original mobile phone service and 2005 the Millennium Special Recognition.

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Ambient Intelligence for the Elderly



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