Thales Security Solutions & Services (TSS)

In today's advanced, interconnected world, protecting the infrastructure that allows society to function is crucial. Security threats are inherently difficult to manage because there are so many different types—terrorism, cybercrime, urban crime, trafficking, illegal immigration, natural disasters, industrial accidents, etc.—and because they are constantly evolving. But their economic and societal impact can be enormous. These increasingly crucial issues mean that the challenges of national sovereignty today extend beyond conventional "defence" requirements. Security has taken on a new significance, encompassing security for citizens and the protection of critical infrastructure, sensitive sites, critical information systems and data assets. Security requirements are thus shifting to address the full spectrum of risks and threats, integrating new dimensions such as intelligence and surveillance and evolving towards more resilient, dynamic and scalable concepts.

For example, the rapid urbanisation of the global population means that the world's major cities face growing demand for security, transport and sustainable development solutions. At the same time, government agencies and civil security forces need solutions to enable them to create and manage safe and smart cities.

Another key consideration is mobile connectivity. Having secure, instant mobile access to information and services is today a fundamental requirement not just for individuals but for business and government. As cloud computing picks up traction—raising issues of data integrity— rather than simply ensuring IT security, the challenge is to provide a secure framework for more open digital trust platforms.

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