Quviq AB

Quviq AB was established in 2006 as a spin-off from research performed at Chalmers University of Technology and is today the leading supplier of property-based software testing tools. Tools in which test cases are automatically generated from formally specified properties of the system under test. Quviq has offered their tools and services to a variety of different business segments, such as telecommunication, automotive, financial institutions, internet services and IoT. Typical customers are Ericsson, Volvo Cars, Klarna, Facebook, and Motorola.

Quviq is a research and innovation company where new developments are supported by research participations in EU FP7 projects, Vinnova financed research, Horizon 2020 projects, and company financed research. These projects focus, or have focused, on increasing efficiency and effectiveness in software testing by using automatically generated test cases. Results of these projects include a way to compose test models from smaller models, to find concurrency errors by a controllable scheduler, connect fault-injection to QuickCheck testing, and many more.

Quviq has applied property-based testing at large for 5G radio base stations and AUTOSAR software, showing that a factor ten in increased testing efficiency is reachable even for software systems with more than a million lines of code. Results have been published in scientific journals and conferences as well as presented at many developer conferences and events around the world.

From thousands of SMEs that are involved in EU projects, QUVIQ has been one of the 26 SMEs selected to join the DG CONNECT’s overall “Innovation Radar” pilot.

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Automated Quality Assurance and Optimization in Incremental Industrial Software Systems Development