Founded in 1933, the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône was given the concession for operating the most powerful French river in 1934, with the aim of developing and harnessing it to fulfil three missions for the community: energy production, navigation, and supplying irrigation and other uses for agriculture.

As designer and operator of hydropower plants, dams and locks on the Rhone, CNR has also developed industrial and port sites, marinas, mooring points and leisure areas on the river.

Following the deregulation of the energy market in France (the law of 10 February 2000), it recovered its original status as independent electricity producer and entered the electricity market in April 2001.
It is the France’s second largest electricity producer and an acknowledged actor on the energy market. With its energy certified 100% renewable, CNR is committed to developing renewable energies and diversifying its methods of producing electricity. Its goals for developing generating capacity are ambitious in particular in the hydropower, wind power and solar sectors.
Its experience acquired from operating the Rhone also gives it expertise in river and hydropower engineering, services that it offers in France and abroad.
A partner of the GDF SUEZ Group, CNR places sustainable development at the heart of its strategy.

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