Created in 2002, BeNomad conceives, develops and markets map software tools to optimize the management of assets and mobile resources. We provide our partners - software editors, integrators mobile device manufacturers and telematic services operators - with Software Development Kit and realtime guidande applications to make the most of GPS and map-based information. Our products allow an efficient development and quick time-to-market of real professional added-value geo-basedd applications such as professional navigation for specific business or online assets tracking.

Major international fleet management online service providers (ASP) rely on BeNomad products to operate their servicesas well as emergency medical services, call centers and fire departments with cartographic software for decision-taking and professional navigation applications. Integrated in a mobile device, the BeNomad navigation applications allow targets both professional and consumers users on an international level.

BeNomad pursues its R&D efforts through projects in partnership with research laboratories such as the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) or the INRIA to offer our customers and partners innovating products at the state of the art of location technologies.

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