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Getting started

ITEA 3 Call 7

ITEA organises a Call for projects once a year starting with a brokerage event. This year, we will organise the Online ITEA Project Outline Preparation Days (PO Days) 2020. To optimise your preparation period, it is recommended to start shaping your project idea(s) and consortia in advance. The following set of tools will support you in making a flying start!

ITEA Project Idea Tool

Would you like to present a project idea?

Upload an idea via the Project idea tool and browse other project ideas (NDA protected).

Partner search

Are you looking for a partner?

Use the Partner search to look for possible partners based on their expertise and invite them to join your project idea.


Are you looking for a project idea?

Browse the Project idea tool for project ideas (NDA protected) and create an online request to join a project idea.

ITEA 3 Call 7 will open on 7 September 2020. The Project Outline submission deadline is 10 November 2020, 17:00 CET.