Published on 25 Oct 2018

Whole ecosystem for improving personal autonomy gathered around CareWare results

On Thursday 18 October, Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT), partner of the ITEA project CareWare (2015-20187), organised the event "Le Numérique, contributeur à l'accompagnement de l'autonomie des personnes dans leur lieu de vie en matière de santé et de bien-vivre?” which translates “Digitalisation, contributor to the support of the autonomy of people in their living environment in matters of health and well-being?

The issue that the CareWare project looked to address was how to incorporate digital service innovations to enable productivity enhancement by the optimal use of real-world assets such as novel textile-integrated, wearable sensor solutions and novel mobile communication and platform solutions. Wearing ‘intelligent’ clothes and following personalised guidance will enhance the health, quality of life, safety and efficiency of the user.

The event was held in Nancy and gathered over 100 persons, covering the whole ecosystem of personal autonomy including the French Ministry representative responsible for medical devices, the regional health agency, a private medical insurance, a big public hospital, a medical university, a group of senior customers, a home care entity and a care provider for the elderly and disabled.

In the morning, the CareWare project was presented, focusing on the main activities performed by IMT with the following main objectives:

In the afternoon, two round tables were organised for all participants of the event.

French nationwide dissemination of impressive CareWare demonstration
Finally, two demonstrations of products developed in the framework of the project were presented. Especially the ‘connected belt’ for remote monitoring for persons deprived of autonomy was highly appreciated; the French national TV channel France 3 even covered this demo in their 19h news journal. You can watch this bulletin topic via: or via the ITEA YouTube Channel.

An association, named Innov’ Autonomy, has been created to continue the close, pluri-disciplinary, multi-cultural and fruitful collaboration with all the players of this ecosystem.

IMT Event on CareWare results IMT Event on CareWare results


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