Published on 12 Dec 2017

What are the main trends and challenges in Smart Energy, Health, Manufacturing and Mobility?

During the Digital Innovation Forum 2017, experts from the domains of Smart Energy, Smart Health, Smart Manufacturing and Smart Mobility gathered in dedicated workshops to discuss the main trends and challenges in each domain and to create a vision of the future for and built by industry.

Each workshop was set up as a panel with key players in the domain; large industry, academia, SMEs and customers. The audience also had an important voice, sharing their experience and raising questions in the Q&A session. 

Are you active and/or interested in one of these smart domains? Have a look at the full DIF workshops report and check what the trends and challenges can mean for you and your business! E.g.

  • Are you up for the radical change in the way of generating, transporting, distributing, and consuming energy, affecting the entire business model around electricity?

  • Would you have a solution on how to connect the different products in hospitals to create a holistic data vision and create value for the efficient integration of patient data?

Your ideas on this might be a perfect basis for an innovative and customer-oriented ITEA project idea, which can be uploaded in the ITEA project idea tool from May 2018 on. Keep an eye on!