Published on 06 Sep 2016

Turkey in preparation for the next ITEA Call for projects

Over the past years, Turkish participation in ITEA has been growing, with even the highest contribution (person-years) in labelled ITEA 3 Call 2 projects. In total, 80 Turkish partners participate(d) in 66 ITEA projects with a total of 104,960€, leading 13 of them.

At this moment, preparations for the ITEA Project Outline (PO) preparation Days for our next Call are in full swing and again, the Turkish participants are showing strong commitment with about 40 registrations and 11 ideas already uploaded in the ITEA Project Idea Tool.

In order to prepare for ITEA 3 Call 3 and the ITEA PO Days, TÜBITAK organised a national ITEA information day and project market on 1 September in Ankara. With more than 100 participants, this preparation event was a great opportunity to meet and partner up with Turkish stakeholders and to find support for the project ideas before the PO Days. Mehmet Aslan, Head of Information Technologies Grant Committee of the Technology and Innovation Funding Programmes Directorate opened the day, followed by ITEA Chairwoman Zeynep Sarılar explaining more about ITEA and Turkish participation in ITEA. Next, two Turkish ITEA project leaders, Arda Güreller from Ericsson (InValue project) and Özer Aydemir from Bor Software (INSIST project), shared their experiences with the audience. ITEA Vice-chairman, Philippe Letellier, presented the results of the ITEA international customer workshop on Smart Health that took place in June 2016, giving input for new R&D projects. Afterwards, 10 project ideas were presented, some already of top quality, and the project proposal leaders gained the benefit of receiving very significant feedback from the ITEA Chairwoman and Vice-chairman.

Turkish ITEA Accelerator event Smart Health workshop presentation


The national information day was evaluated as very useful and was highly appreciated. A number of project idea leaders already started processing the feedback they received and expanding their consortium to be able to submit their proposal in ITEA 3 Call 3.

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